Installing the ecosystem


The process begins with setting you up with online access passwords etc. so that you can access your account at any time to suit your work schedule. We provide a unique email address and password to get you into our protected portal. Once logged on you can access the surveys at your own discretion. To establish your current safety level you will need to begin to survey all your care staff. Each member of staff will complete the survey on a computer in the workplace.

They will be asked to choose from words which they believe are most like themselves and then least like themselves. The survey appears very simple taking only ten minutes to complete. It is important to know that it is not a test and there are no winners or losers but it cannot be rehearsed or given to someone like the answers to a GCSE exam. Most managers advise their staff that they want to make sure that no new recruits are taken on unless they are at least as good as the existing staff.

The meaning of some words on the survey may be new to them but an explanation list is provided. As each is completed it can be sent off to us to define the homes initial safety level. The second element of the product is used when you recruit. You will interview as usual check references and create your short list. 

Applicants complete the CQE survey when they do their DBS. When complete the surveys come to CQE and you will receive an assessment within twenty four hours. The advice given will help you decide who to take into your team or not but its crucial to get this right because you will be working towards completing your CQE rag rota with all greens to prove each shift is safe. Rotas demonstrate continuing quality improvement so become powerful evidence of strong leadership and management  

The rag rota building tool calculates by colour telling you if a shift is safe. If it is it will be all green but if it shows red then the shift isn’t safe and you’ll need to change it. When your staff team is dominated by greens then rota creation is a speedy process and is of course always safe.  Yet another innovation has recently been introduced that allows managers to populate rotas with long established safe staff at the touch of a button making rota building faster than ever. 

The rota appearing in the illustration is nearly completely safe … only one shift (Friday Night) remains “risky”. A few weeks later the care home concerned had eliminated all their ‘risky’ shifts – and so it has remained to this day.

CQE’s SAFE Rota-Building Tool typically helps care homes improve shift safety by around 20% on week one, simultaneously jump-start their culture-change … and then (in combination with CQE’s overall system), gradually establish a safe and caring culture … and then maintain it.

Copies of the coloured rota-building tool are saved weekly and build into powerful KLOE evidence for quality regulators such as Social Services, Bolton Care Home Excellence Programme and CQC.

The CQE Plaque

Residential Homes that achieve 70% safety or over are qualified to display the CQE safety award plaque outside the entrance to the home. You can order your plaque as soon as you have received a report that confirms your home safety has achieved the required level.

The price of the plaque including VAT post and packaging is £69. When you buy your plaque it also triggers the sending of the CQE quality kite mark to use on your website, stationary and advertising material.

The CQE Plaque

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